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ther," DGS Acting Director Ron Diedrich said in remarks published by the Los Angeles Times on Friday. "By doing this we are freeing up hundreds of millions of dollars to help the c

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Presidency Minister Carlos Romero was transferred to the Interior Ministry. The other 10 ministers, including Foreign Affairs Minister David Choquehuanca, Defense Minister Ruben Sa

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ion to emerging countries." "We will deepen the relationship with our South American neighbors, our brothers of Latin America and the Caribbean, with our African fellows and people

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udents' months-long protests. According to the Budget Bill, the Education Ministry will have a 7.2-percent increase in its budget in 2012 compared with this year's budget of 11.65

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r, he said the prosecution is being subjective about what activities it conducts and information it protects in the interest of national security. "The president can take someone a

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un violence has took 23 lives in Sao Paulo over the weekend and nearly 300 in a month, amid fighting between rival gangs. More than 90 police officers have been killed this year i

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combat lead. The full transfer will happen in 2014," said Carney. "This is part of the process that will be discussed in Chicago. But we will not have decisions or announcements a