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sday.(Xinhua/Rafael Ochoa) TEGUCIGALPA, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- Honduran de facto leader Roberto Micheletti said Thursday that he will move out of the presidential palace six days bef

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ous stimulative policies, the U.S. economic recovery remains sluggish, a possible threat to the government's economic policy making. A new document released by the U.S. Federal Re

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. He would succeed billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who had been mayor of the largest U.S. city for 12 years. Related: New York mayor receives threatening letters containing ricin NE

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ong remembered for his willingness to challenge the 'status quo,' to take a stand against inequality and injustice at the individual, national, regional and international levels,

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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ns with their coworkers, 72 percent in 2015 -- and the physical safety conditions of their workplace, 70 percent. Employed Americans have typically been least likely to say they ar

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ewers watching his live feed as he stood in the middle of the action. "You've got the mainstream media, and you've got the livestreamers. The livestreamers keep everybody informed

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an Press, a news co-operative, under the federal Access to Information Act. It says in "exceptional circumstances" where there is a threat to human life or public safety, urgency

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er Juan Carlos Fonseca told Cuban news media. A team of experts was trying to determine the cause of the accident, he said, adding that the victims died on the spot. Road accidents

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y that the cap "should work." " I'd like to see up capture 90-plus percent of this flow," he said. "I think that's possible with this design." BP's plan is to use the cap to trap m

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of a multilateral regional negotiation," he said. The Obama administration has decided to pull out U.S. forces from Afghanistan in 2014. analysts argued that the Taliban, given t

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

ears ago when their own parents brought them to the Fair. "They're good, they're worth buying," says Bennett on funnel cakes and other Fair foods. "It's like a very niche food.. wh

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