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S. universities are forced to return home when they cannot obtain visa sponsorship. "Immigrants can help create demand for new goods and services which employ thousands of America

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has caused severe damage to Rio de Janeiro state since Monday has killed 175 people, the local fire department said Thursday. Among the dead were 100 from the city of Niteroi, Rio

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report, at least 10 cars of a freight train derailed in the Hazelwood neighborhood outside Pittsburgh around 10 a.m. local time. So far, there were no immediate reports of injurie

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U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday compared the Republican debates to the popular TV game show "Survivor," saying he will only start to pay attention to the race until the o

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ested the meeting through his chief of staff, McConnell said in a statement. "Senate Republicans welcome the President to the Capitol. And I appreciate he took my recommendation t

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argos; Sergeants Davi Ramos de Lima and Leonardo de Castro Carvalho; Corporals Douglas Pedrotti Neckel, Ari Dirceu Fernandes Junior, and Washington Luis de Souza Seraphin; and Pri

经典千人斩67首项 -3dvideo怪兽tv

ets in a panic. President Michelle Bachelet earlier told a press conference at least six people were dead, the damage was great and they were currently assessing the situation. The