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icaid programs. Critics say it is an unconstitutional imposition on the states. Additionally, the court will hear arguments on two procedural issues. The healthcare law, the Obama!

Fidel Castro, 85, formally resigned as Cuba's leader in February 2008 and transferred power to his brother Raul Castro. He is still active, regularly publishing "Reflections." In T.


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nfidence from their dismally low ratings in George W. Bush's final two years in the White House, Gallup found. Gallup began asking regularly about the presidency in March 1991, whe.


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September 18, 20174

The Awful Truth

e. The Cuban government considers food production as a strategic issue. The country spends 2 billion U.S. dollars a year to import 80 percent of the food needed to meet domestic n

David Starr


August 29, 2014

Try Harder!

bama, who had requested details on Lula's health condition. Lula, 64, is now resting at his private residence in Sao Paulo after suffering a bout of hypertension on Wednesday night

Carol Diaz



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er it lifted off at 0620 local time (1020 GMT), media reports said, quoted the local fire brigade. Six people including the pilot were aboard the plane at the time of the accident..

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nts for immigration advice or representation, making it an offense for anyone other than an accredited immigration representative to conduct business, for a fee or other considera.

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Tuesday. BP's oil containment system is siphoning about 630,000 gallons of oil a day through a cap on top of the well to the Discover Enterprise. Related: BP oil containment effort.

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a White House press conference, Obama called the earthquake and tsunami "catastrophic," and the United States is prepared to send assistance to Japan, as one aircraft carrier is .

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th initiatives taken by the United States and like-minded countries, he said at a press conference. "These actions will help restrict the movement of and access to money and weapon

an President Juan Manuel Santos, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla and Uruguayan President Jose Mujica will also attend the summit. Presidents from Bolivia, Evo Morales, and H.


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