etter job than their own fathers while only 3 percent say the job is worse done. Moreover, 70 percent of fathers agree that being a parent are worth the costs and the work. Forty-s.

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the East Room at the White House. The news conference will be the first direct response from Obama regarding Tuesday's Mid-term Elections, which was widely predicted to be a victo.

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ble agent might be," Solomon said. "The workers are widely blaming the dispersants." Dispersants are chemicals used for the oil clean-up. The solvent used after the massive 1989 E.

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it has rescued about 6,000 former child soldiers over the last 15 years. Colombia's Inspector General Alejandro Ordonez said the FARC continues to recruit children into their ran.

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on CBS on Sept.10, 1955, ended its run in 1975, making it one of the longest- running series in history. Arness also reprised the iconic role in five made-for- television movies d.

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negative impact on international trade," said Argentina's Foreign Ministry in a statement. According to the statement, the WTO reports also failed to consider the negative impact o .

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Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Tuesday chaired a mass rally marking the 50th birthday of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs). The CDRs, considered as the "eyes a.

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for our public schools and California's future." Today will be "a day for all of us -- parents, administrators, school board members, college faculty, education support profession.

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e brink, creating jobs, and providing a badly needed boost to growth. Throughout his first two years, he has successfully managed a financial sector rescue, helped to resurrect th.

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