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government. "We cannot think that nothing happened; that is called impunity," he said, adding however that he respects the position of other countries which support Honduras' retur


no reports of victims or major damage. The quake was also felt in the capital Panama City, Panama's La Prensa daily reported. The state-run Geosciences Institute at the University o.


rned after six days in Japan assisting in the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the March 11 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami. During its mission, the task force were unable .


and with a seriousness of purpose. They also agreed that for these negotiations to succeed, they must be kept private and treated with the utmost sensitivity." Both Netanyahu and .


ezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced Wednesday a new urban development plan to tackle housing problems in the country. The plan, or "Simon Bolivar," aimed to build 2,448 apartm.

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25 million Canadian dollars will be used to provide food, clean drinking water and to deal with the burgeoning health crisis there. The other 8 million Canadian dollars will go to.

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atic ties. The United States said last month it would remove Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, effective on May 29. The move, in addition to progresses made for Cu.

ds as part of the initial data exchange for the New START treaty as of the 5th of February 2011," said D'Agostino. "This is a massive reduction compared to the over 10,000 warhea.

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