n Moncton and its surrounding areas to lock doors, to stay away from windows and wait for the all-clear from police. In a statement, New Brunswick Premier David Alward said he was .

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growth will edge down from 11 percent this year to just 6 percent in 2011. "Canada will not be able to dodge the world economy's soft spot," Hall said. "The sharp global rebound w.

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o-state solution, namely a secure Jewish state living side by side in peace and security with a viable and independent Palestinian state, is in the interests of the United States,.

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told Xinhua in an interview. "I think we have to work hard on recovering the trust of all the countries in the world," said Elvira. He added developed countries and developing cou.

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more." Nicolas Moyer, speaking for a coalition of four large Canadian charities, said donations for Pakistan are about 10 percent of the volume of cash gifts for Haiti over a simil.

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otection authorities were working to determine possible effects. According to Constantino Gonzalez Vargas, the head of Guerrero Civil Protection, although no major damage was locat .

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der of the Domingo Lain Saenz Front, an ELN faction operating in Arauca, were among the dead, Leonardo Barrero, a commander of the Colombian military told reporters. The government.

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blic infrastructure. After months of stagnation at the negotiating table and fighting on the battlefield, the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC guerrillas resume.

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to see what a peaceful future might look like in this region afflicted by violence." The farm workers are demanding the government declare the Catatumba area of Norte de Santander.

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