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e be clearly defined. The dispute reflects the complex bilateral ties of two countries since they fought each other in the Pacific War from 1879 to 1883. SANTIAGO, July 18 (Xinhua)


l time, but the damage the fire had caused to the refinery was not available yet. The cause of the explosion was also not immediately known. In April 2011, the refinery's Tank 13 a.


ed six people in a village of Chimborazo. This volcano is of 5,029 meters high over the sea level and has a high activity according to the Geophysics Institute (IG) in its last rep.


horities to "come to their senses" and offer concrete solutions to re-established security and calm, to protect its people along the Venezuelan border. Colombian President Juan Man.


e program, which eavesdrops on digital communications around the world, including Brazil. Miranda was returning to Rio from Berlin when he was detained at the airport's transit lou.

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his government's decision to extend and expand military mission against IS. "While the Coalition has succeeded in stopping IS territorial spread, the global threat that IS poses .

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saster were not found in New Zealand and test wells off the east of the South Island were more likely to find gas than oil. MEXICO CITY, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- Grenada's opposition .

to most illegal immigrants -- only 34 percent of Hispanics, 30percent of African-Americans and 29 percent of Asian-Americans supported the latter choice, said Marouf Steven A. Cam.

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