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e asked him "if at any moment I would like to be the president and I told them no." Moreno said that this incitation were done at the moment Correa was kept in the Hospital of Quit


ito Santo want the court to overturn a new law backed by President Dilma Rousseff that cuts the states' oil royalties from 26.2 percent to 20 percent, to earmark more of the resou.


ger" correctly, he told reporters at a press conference. "It's all part of a learning process, like buying a new car and not knowing where to open the fuel tank," added Toffoli. ".


esponsibility, government sources confirmed on Tuesday. The governor had planned to shift responsibility for managing certain prisoners and parolees to local governments in his eff.


t. Jose Graziano da Silva, a Brazilian agronomist currently serving as regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organi.

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ular day for most of us, this year it's notably worse." "For this we can thank ObamaCare: the biggest tax hike of our history that will raise approximately 525 billion dollars in .

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ial forces to the 2,220-km Venezuela-Colombia border. On July 22, Venezuela severed its ties with Colombia after Bogota accused it of harboring guerrilla leaders in Venezuelan terr.

rcon, 75, will step down after holding the reins for 20 years. Raul Castro, 81, who succeeded brother Fidel Castro, now 86, in 2006, is widely expected to be reelected as presiden.

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